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About Us

Based in South Africa

We love – different – vision – knowledge – and style (well at least with regards to our frame choices… lol).
The best feeling is the smiles on your face and the spark of joy in your eyes when you receive your glasses and love your look. We help with your sight and you leave with confidence! We love it!
Yes, we want to see better, but don’t you also want to look good and feel great?

Biovision Optometrists has been established since 2000. We are registered with the South African Optometric Association (S.A.O.A) and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (H.P.C.S.A).
As Optometrists we do comprehensive visual examinations which include testing your eyes with a variety of instruments to evaluate your vision as well as your ocular health.
If you are struggling with daily headaches, work on computers all day, struggling while driving at night time, difficulty seeing in the distance, you may have a common visual refractive error.
The most common problems are near sighted (Myopia), farsighted (Hyperopia), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (age-related changes of the eye which cause blurry vision when reading). These problems can be corrected with glasses and or contact lenses.
With every consultation we do an ocular health check of the inside of your eye, where we check for any changes within your eyes (the most common would-be age-related cataract- symptoms include “misty” vision and always feeling like you looking through “dirty” glasses) as well as an annual glaucoma check (just as high blood pressure affects our bodies high eye pressure can cause issues at the back of the eye).
We recommend that you do an eye test every 12 to 18 months to ensure the prescription you are wearing has not changed and it also allows the practice to have comprehensive records of your visual history.
We are contracted to most Medical Aids and accept Visa and MasterCard.

We do not exist without you and we look forward to helping you find the perfect frame and lenses so you can enjoy your eyewear.

Choosing the best lens for yourself may be daunting, but once we know your prescription after the consultation, we will discuss the best lens options to suit your specific requirements.

Most requested lens enhancements and coatings that we prescribe:

Reduces glare on lenses which in turn assist with computer work as well as night time driving.

Reduce the harmful blue light emitted from computers.

Lenses that react to Ultra Violet (UV) Radiations from the sun and change darker with the more exposure to UV. They return clear once inside.

  • NEAR SIGHTED prescriptions.
  • FAR SIGHTED prescriptions.
  • ASTIGMATISM prescriptions.

Reduces visual stress with consistent computer work if you still struggle at the end of the day with the conventional lens designs. In this day and age we cannot run away from tired, irritated eyes when working in front of screens the entire day.

Lenses that have the line through them that allow for 2 distances, reading and far. Although the bifocal is older technology (like the Nokia 3310 was the best at that stage, we have moved more to smart phones), technology has improved to the Multifocal designs where more can be done and its always improving.

If you need more than one prescription for both far and near work and two glasses are a massive inconvenience, the Multifocal lens, is designed to assist you in the 3 major visual distances; far, near and computer distance, an all-in-one design. Due to the high expense of Mutifocals these days, we offer 4 designs to suit your needs and budget. High-End generic, Digital, Updated Digital and High End Digital designs.

For Children with high prescriptions and a family history of high prescriptions, prescribing Multifocals have shown to reduce progression of the prescription and reduces the end result when their prescription finally stabilizes.

In certain circumstances the Multifocal just doesn’t meet all your specific requirements. The Office Multifocal has both pros and cons and It should be seen as an additional pair of glasses to your Multifocals. It removes the distant area but allows for a greater computer and reading zone which for some professions the larger computer and reading zones have given individuals what they needed e.g. Organ player at church, Architects, Teachers when marking papers, Professional individuals that are constantly in front of the computer screen and Dentists have benefited from making the additional pair of glasses.

We work exclusively with Oakley and Rayban sunglasses that can be scripted and tailor-made by the manufacturer. The lenses and frames come directly from Italy and may take up to 3 weeks to reach us. Both Multifocal and Single vision lenses can be tailor made and scripted into certain Oakley and Rayban sunglasses. Sport specific lenses for golfing and cycling multifocals or just the regular digital multifocal designs from Oakley are also available.

Contact Lenses

We are contracted to and supply Contact lenses from the four major international Contact Lens companies.

01.COOPER VISION – Biofinity brands
02.ALCON – Air Optix brands
03.MOSCON OPTICS – Acuvue brands
04.Bausch & Lomb – Biotrue Brands

We carry a variety of branded and generic eyewear. Our current branded frames include:

Basic half hour consultation,
there after R220.00 extra per half hour.

When you open your eyes and see a single, clear image, you probably take it for granted. But it’s the result of a complex process that requires many parts of your visual system to work together smoothly.


Double vision occurs when a person sees two identical images of the same object, separate or over lapping (“ghost image”) where there should only be one.

The two images can be side by side, on top of one another, or both.

The condition can affect balance, movement, reading and give you constant Headaches and Nausea.